ImageCue Downloads

Please refer to the ImageCue Model 1.1 User's Guide for instructions on using these downloads.

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Attention Windows 10 Users: 

With the latest Update for Windows 10, Windows will ask to format SD Cards or USB Thumbdrives which have a non-Windows formatted partition like the ImageCue SD Card.  DO NOT EVER click OK, if you have inserted the ImageCue SD card for updating the ImageCue Software. Doing so will render your SD card inoperable with ImageCue!  You must click "Cancel" (sometimes several times) to continue.  Make sure you access the drive labeled "BOOT" for your ImageCue software update.

ImageCue SD Card Software

Version_1_0_1_8 Boot Partition Zip File and Instructions for Updating Software PDF File
The Release Notes are at the end of this page.

Attention: This Update is NOT compatible with the SD card, that is shipped with the "Wireless Content Upload Kit". Use this Update only for non WIFI SD cards.


ImageCue User Content Utilities for Windows 64Bit

There are now several useful utilities available to help you prepare your content for ImageCue. These utilities are installed the same way as any other windows application. The new utilities require that following applications are installed prior to the installation and usage of our utilities:

The Universal USB Utility for user content

Simply connect a USB memory stick to your PC and this utility guides you through all necessary steps. From preparing your USB Stick for ImageCue, through the selection of your content, to the automatic DMX prefix numbering and format conversion. If your content does not match the  desired size and resolution, it will be scaled according to your requirements and a black background will be added. This allows you to crossfade images and videos with undersize content properly.

 ImageCue User Content USB Utility

JPEG Utilities
H264 Utilities
PowerPoint PDF Utility

The PowerPoint PDF utility converts a muliti-page PDF file created using PowerPoint, into ImageCue-compatible JPG images. Each PDF page is converted into a JPG file with a corresponding DMX numeric value prefix for ImageCue.  ImageCue PowerPoint PDF to JPEG Utility

ImageCue USB Flash Drive Template

 Flash Drive Template Zip File


Software Release Notes:

Version In addition to the standard DMX Personality 1, we added DMX Personality 2. With this new personality, the following new features are available:
1) Play media files in the formats MP4, MOV, MKV and M4V.
2) Audio output for these media files over HDMI output
3) Adds 2 additional DMX channels: Channel 13 for Playback Control (Values 0-Play, 1-Pause, 2-Pre-Roll) and Channel 14 for volume (Values 0-255).

These features are only available in Personality 2 (Not in 1, 3, or 4).

Find more in this extract from the new users manual.


Version In addition to the standard DMX Personality 1, we added DMX Personality 4. With this new personality, the following new features are available:
1) Wait/Devamp for videos (Channel 10 (Mode) - DMX 130 = Wait/Devamp; DMX 194 = Wait/Devamp with color in front). In this mode, a newly selected video will wait until the currently playing video reaches its last frame.  At this point, the new video will begin playing from the first frame.  The transition from video to video is seamless.  No additional commands are necessary to commence playing of the second video.
2) Video to video crossfading is enabled (crossfade quality is content specific)
3) Added conversion table for “percentage only” consoles – checks for existence of “percent_only.txt” file (this file contains no data). If it exists, converts DMX values to first 100 files/folders.

NOTE: These features are not available in Personality 1 or 3.

1) Fixed a crash condition if “file_error.jpg” is not found on the USB drive
2) Increased time for USB drive to mount at boot time if USB content is selected.
3) Corrected issue in when selecting stock content and user overlay 001 and reboot.

Version Adds a much requested feature that allows a video to play once and freeze on the last frame. Two control mode (chan 10) values have been added to support this feature. 129 and 193. These values are similar to 128 and 192 except that the video will hold the last frame and not exit. Changes to some HDMI parameters were made to support projectors that were losing vertical sync when ImageCue quickly changed videos. Added a 1080x768 60Hz resolution as "Option 2".

Version Fixes a significant bug in that caused video lockup when scrolling very quickly through video files. A bug in the "Play Once" mode has been fixed so that long videos do not exit early. Compatibility with Firmware, Firmware, and Firmware (Standalone Mode) verified.

Version Only released in Europe. This software version needs to be updated to to avoid video lockup when scrolling through videos quickly.

Version Original software release for units with serial numbers 11000001 to 11000160. We recommend updating to