Zero 88:

ZerOS consoles:  FLX Series, Solution Series, ORB FX 
Jester ML & TL consoles
Legacy consoles: ORB, FROG2, Leap Frog 48 & 96, Frog Series

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Titan Based:  Arena, Diamond 4, Pearl Expert, Quartz, Saphire Touch, Tiger Touch, Titan Mobile, Titan One


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ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls):

EOS Family:  Ion, Gio, Ti, Element, & Nomad
Cobalt Family:  Cobalt 10/20, Congo Jr, Congo Kid, & Nomad
ColorSource Family and Expression Family including Express (limited operation)

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MA Lighting

ImageCue is supported by GrandMA2 and Dot2.

 The latest profile are available for download ...

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Other Fixture Profiles


ImageCue is now included in the fixture libraries of Enlighten and Lumin8 consoles.


ImageCue is now included in the ChamSys fixture library.

Martin M-PC

ImageCue is now included in the M-PC fixture library.

High End Systems

Whole Hog 3 and 4 Click here to download a show file inside a zip file.

Many thanks to Andrew Counts at Multi Image Group for providing this show file containing a profile for ImageCue. Extract the show file from the zip file onto a thumb drive; Load your show; Hit "Setup", "Show", "Merge Show"; Select "Next"; Then select "Import Source" and select the thumb drive. Next, select fixtures, "User Fixture", "ImageCue".

Visual Production

Personality und Show  Files for CUETY and CUELUX. Ask here for the latest Files