Titan Based:  Arena, Diamond 4, Pearl Expert, Quartz, Saphire Touch, Tiger Touch, Titan Mobile, Titan One



ImageCue is not currently in the Avolites Personality Library.

We have created ImageCue personality ".d4" files for you to download.

Click here to download a zip file containing the personality for "ImageCue 1_1 Mode 1".

Our content providing partner, BMD, requires a special profile:  Click here to download a zip file containing the personality for "ImageCue 1_1 Mode 4". 

ImageCue   Titan Personality
DMX Parameter   Attr Group Attr ID Display
1 Dimmer   Intensity Dimmer Dimmer
2 Source Folder   Gobo Gobo1 Folder
3 Image Select   Gobo Gobo2 Image
4 Fade Time (C)   Special Speed FadeTime
5 Fade Time (F)  
6 Color - Red   Colour Red Red
7 Color - Green   Colour Green Green
8 Color - Blue   Colour Blue Blue
9 Color - Saturation   Colour Colour1 ColAlpha
10 Mode Control   Special Control Control
11 Overlay Select   Gobo Gobo11 Overlay
12 Overlay Opacity   Intensity Dimmer1


 Wheel controls are all on Page 1:

Titan Wheel Assignment
Dimmer Control: ImageCue Dimmer
Attr Group Wheel 1 Wheel 2 Wheel 3
Intensity Opacity ColAlpha FadeTime
C-Mix Red Green Blue
Gobo 1 Folder Image Overlay
Gobo 2      
Control Control