ImageCue Simplifies Multiscreen Show

Production company ON Event Services (OES) of Atlanta recently utilized 16 ImageCue servers in Washington D.C. for a long-time client.

The event was staged as “Mission Control” with a 15’ x 45’ (4.5m x 13.7m) main video screen using four blended Christie 20K HD projectors, six smaller screens with 7K projectors, and fourteen presenter booths each with a 70” flat panel display.

Each booth had its own unique Presenter logo video loop, and was switched to play the opening and closing overall event videos. Normally it would be a difficult challenge to route and switch 16 video sources to 20 different screen surfaces, and require a massive amount of cable. OES utilized 16 of the award-winning ImageCue DMX controlled image servers to play all media, triggered off of a single cue fader from the lighting console on a single DMX universe. This synchronized all video and lighting from a single button. Complexity simplified!

ON Event Services lighting designer Eric Sinclair explains, “We were excited to be one of the first companies out there to invest in the ImageCue, and it didn’t disappoint. Controlling a video system of this complexity became very simple! When we were asked if all the monitors except the one in the booth being highlighted could dim down, no problem.

Programming is as easy as any moving light, if fact easier since it’s only 12 channels of control! Updating last minute video content was super easy; just pull the USB Flash drive, update it and re-insert it.

The ImageCue is a great little tool with huge potential, and we can’t wait to find more uses for it.”