ImageCue Console Fixture Profiles


Please visit our "Console Fixture Profiles" Page to download the profile for your console


We have become aware that some fixture profiles out there do not have the "snap" attribute assigned as needed by these parameters:

  • Folder Select (Chan 2)
  • Image Select (Chan 3)
  • Time (Chan 4/5)
  • Control Mode (Chan 10)
  • Overlay Select (Chan 11)
  • Playback Control (Chan 13 - in Personality 2 only)

In order for ImageCue to work properly within a Cue stack, the "snap" attribute must be assigned!! Without this attribute, intermediary images will appear from cue to cue. (This is because ImageCue is so fast!)

ImageCue DMX512 Channel Assignments:  DMX512 Profile - Personality 1

The control consoles listed have fixture profiles for ImageCue. If your console is not listed and you would like to have a profile created please let us know via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .